Black and Latino Men at Tandon

Dedicated to promoting the equitable participation of Black and Latino men in STEM

five male students of color at blmt graduation reception

At Tandon, our mission includes being one of the leading educators of Black and Latino STEM scholars and industry professionals in the nation, and we aim to support every step of their journeys. The Black and Latino Men at Tandon (BLMT) Initiative resides in this space, seeking to create an academic environment that supports the self-actualization of Black and Latino men and promotes their sustained presence in academia.

Our initiative is based on creating projects and services that are:

Authentic – inspiring our future Black and Latino engineers to tell their own stories and establish their own places within our school community

Affirming – informed by an intersectional approach that allows for the equitable participation of Black and Latino men at Tandon

Aspirational – encouraging Black and Latino men to set their own goals, make meaningful connections with established STEM professionals, and find success on their own terms

Action-oriented – designed to dismantle any structural barriers that constrain the academic and professional goals of our students, and effectively partner with Black and Latino men to create sustainable pathways to success. 

Taken together, these guiding tenets are known as the A4 framework.


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