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Familiarize yourself with the academic support, student resources, and co-curricular opportunities available at NYU Tandon!

Fostering an inclusive environment, in all areas of the Tandon community, where belongingness is the norm for all students, is one of the primary goals of the My Brother’s Keeper @ Tandon (MyBK @ T) initiative.

A4 Element - Affirming

Here at NYU Tandon, we believe our academic and social spaces must be created and sustained in an inclusive manner, allowing for the equitable participation of our Black and Latino men. The creation of these spaces should be informed by an intersectional approach, where the possible selves assumed by Black and Latino men are both acknowledged and supported.


    Student Organizations

    The Tandon community is home to several clubs and organizations that seek to support the various identities that Black and Latino men occupy. These social spaces are designed to both reflect and support their personal growth, academic goals, and professional aspirations. Below is an abbreviated listing of the affirming spaces where our Black and Latino men can find community: 

    For a more comprehensive listing of the student groups and professional societies on campus, check out our Clubs and Organizations Directory.

    Academic Support

    Being a member of a scholarly community often requires students to utilize resources that are designed to support their academic pursuits. Some of these services are admissions-based or involve another selection mechanism, while others are open to the entire student population. Black and Latino men are encouraged to explore all of the support services available at Tandon, throughout the various stages of their academic career.


    At Tandon, we understand that the entire student must be engaged, in an effort to facilitate the achievement of their academic goals. From attending to their sense of belonging to addressing concerns around affordability, the compilation of resources offered here will help Black and Latino men enhance their academic and personal experiences, at Tandon and the broader NYU community.