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Opportunity Programs


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NYU Tandon School of Engineering offers two special college programs for residents of New York State.

The Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is a New York State funded program designed to provide broad and varied educational instruction to capable students who, due to limited academic and financial resources, might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend the School of Engineering.

The Collegiate Science and Technology Program (CSTEP) is a New York State funded program that provides minority or disadvantaged students access to academic programs that prepare them for licensure or employment in scientific, technical or health-related professions.

Once admitted, HEOP/CSTEP students are provided with these and other support services throughout their college careers:

  • financial assistance (CSTEP- Scholarship aid is limited)
  • counseling
  • tutoring
  • advisement
  • academic support courses

If you have any questions about HEOP, please contact:

Opportunity Programs (OP)
Location: LC 237

Services and Financial Aid

Academic Support

The Opportunity Programs provide freshmen and continuing students with academic support services to help students reach their full academic potential and succeed at the School of Engineering. These services include:

  • A mandatory pre-freshmen summer program which includes courses in Writing, Math, Physics and Computer Science
  • Mandatory supplemental non-credit courses for incoming freshmen
  • Supplemental non-credit courses in various subject areas
  • Individual and group tutoring sessions
  • Monthly group meetings and seminars


The Opportunity Programs offer students one-on-one academic, financial, personal and career counseling. Counseling sessions are scheduled to assist students in making the transition to college, as well as maintaining and managing their academic career throughout their stay at the School of Engineering.

Financial Aid

HEOP students receive a financial aid package, which includes federal and NYS aid and well the NYU HEOP scholarship. CSTEP students financial aid packages are based on their family income and household size. CSTEP students receive a limited amount of stipend money and access to textbooks.

Admissions Requirements

New Students

You must be a resident of New York State and demonstrate both academic and economic need to qualify for the HEOP program. To be  considered for the program, you will either need to be referred by an admissions counselor, or contact the HEOP program and express an interest. Economic eligibility is determined by income guidelines issued by the New York State Education Department.

Since SAT scores may not thoroughly reflect a student's potential for success at the School of Engineering, an intake interview with each applicant is an essential part of the HEOP admissions process. During the interview a HEOP staff member will discuss your academic strengths and weaknesses, and give a basic overview of what to expect at the School of Engineering.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student who wishes to transfer into the School of Engineering's HEOP program, you must have been in an opportunity program (HEOP, EOP, SEEK, etc.) at your previous institution. You must also complete an admissions transfer application. You will be considered based on your academics and your individual circumstances. The HEOP director will review your college transcript(s) and recommendations from counselors or professors, and will send his/her decision to the Office of Admissions.

Required Courses

CM 000 Pre-College Physics
HE 1 Study Skills
MA 000 Pre-College Math
CS 000 Pre-College Computer Science

OP Superstars

These OP students and organization are shining examples of how OP supports success.

Cornelius Angus

Cornelius interned at MTV Networks in the summer of 2010 working on game production for Nickelodeon. While working as an intern, he assisted producers with the production of web pages, games, and content updates to sites using the in-house content management system. He was also given the opportunity to brainstorm with the staff on new games and website content features. During his time there he was offered the chance to attend a study group with the game producers of a Nintendo Wii game. After completing his internship, his manager was so impressed with Cornelius’ work that he was invited to meet with Tom Dooley, CFO of Viacom. During this meeting he praised his work and spoke about his own career path.

The following fall, Cornelius was recommended for another internship with the company. This time, he worked as a quality assurance intern for MTV Networks. During this internship he tested products and processes to establish functionality and effectiveness. This experience taught him how to detect problems on the websites with ease.

In September of 2009, Cornelius was an assistant for Transcendent Enterprise. During this time he managed the creation of the company X1.0’s commercial and helped during the filming of school functions.

Cornelius has also been a member of the School of Engineering Men's basketball team since 2008. During the last four years, his team has volunteered for numerous causes. They have most recently worked with The Children's Aid Society, where they talked to children about the importance of education. The team also organized a resume workshop for the unemployed.

In January 2010, Cornelius became the photographer for the School of Engineering Men's Basketball team. He held his first photo shoot and provided photos for New York Magazine. He also creates posters for the team and he won the HEOP 2011 T-shirt design contest. Cornelius has also been a Dean’s List recipient 3 times during his academic career thus far. Cornelius is a May 2011 graduate of the School of Engineering and the HEOP program; it has been a great honor to have him as one of our students!

Habeeb Shittu

Habeeb came to the School of Engineering in 2007 and is working on his BS/MS degrees in Electrical Engineering.
Habeeb has been highly active at the School of Engineering since his sophomore year when he began working as a Teacher’s Assistant for Introduction to Engineering. The following year, Habeeb was promoted from Teacher’s Assistant to Deputy of Research and Development. These positions helped Habeeb segue into an internship at Honeybee Robotics. He has worked on several engineering projects during his years at the School of Engineering, including a testing platform for long-lasting wheels for lunar missions to show to NASA.

He has also been a member of the Peer Counseling team, the vice president of the Tau Beta Pi honor society and the president of the School of Engineering's chapter of Engineers without Borders. Habeeb has also been a Dean’s List recipient every single semester since his freshmen year, totaling 7 consecutive semesters. Habeeb is a May 2011 graduate. We are honored to have had Habeeb as a HEOP student.

ScriptBlue: The HEOP Entrepreneurs

Three years ago, our very own HEOP student Alim Williams and his friend Jerome Allen founded ScriptBlue LLC, a web design firm in Brooklyn. Since its debut, the start-up has attracted the attention of different individuals and companies all across New York City. ScriptBlue quickly gained a reputation that has led to a very diverse portfolio of websites — from beauty and bodybuilding to even plumbing.

With the workload piling up, the founders have enlisted the assistance of other HEOP peers whom they have befriended. Azam Bacchus, Vincent Ngo, Quilvin Lazala, Edward Cercado, Patryk Dziedzik, and Denzel Charles became new additions to the growing firm. Its goal is to revolutionize the web experience. ScriptBlue has also developed a number of websites of their own. It created ImageInquiry.com, a community-driven question and answer website that allows users to embed images to help find and share information about them. ThisGoesIn.com is a music blog that keeps music lovers up to date with today’s artists and new music. DoYouHearNY.com, which is still in development, features talented, young artists from New York. It aims to further promote amateur artists so that the public can hear a sample of their work and can direct them to those individuals. ScriptBlue is also planning an online system for the School of Engineering's HEOP program that would allow students to sign up for counseling appointments, submit class schedules, and talk with their peers via a discussion board. The HEOP department is very proud of our HEOP entrepreneurs!