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Explore avenues available to help you pursue your post-undergraduate goals, while paving the way for the next generation interested in STEM.

The My Brother’s Keeper @ Tandon (MyBK @ T) committee is committed to creating intentional pathways to success for our current and prospective Black and Latino male students.

A4 Element - Action-oriented

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The MyBK @ T committee seeks to realize our intentions through individual and collective action. Increasing our capacity to effectively partner with Black and Latino men, creating pathways to help them achieve their academic and professional goals, is essential to the “fullness” of their participation in this academic community. Simultaneously, uncovering structural barriers that impede the academic success of our students is a critical component of the engagement process. Once identified, the MyBK @ T committee will articulate and implement strategic and actionable goals to directly address the identified challenges. 

Entering Industry ​

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Preparing to enter industry is often a multi-step process, resulting from a series of career exploration conversations and activities that occur throughout our students' academic career. Tandon students benefit from the array of services provided by the Wasserman Center for Career Development, an office dedicated to supporting the professional aspirations for all NYU students, while receiving focused assistance from the NYU Tandon Career Hub. In addition to promoting the services offered by the aforementioned offices, the MyBK @ T committee hosts networking events for our current students, facilitating their interaction with alumni who can provide first-hand knowledge of life as a STEM professional, in general and as Black and/or Latino men.

Pursuing Scholarship

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The MyBK @ T committee understands the importance of nurturing the diverse professional interests our Black and Latino men possess. While entering industry is, in many ways, an expected pathway, we want to make sure our students' post-undergraduate goals view continued scholarship as a viable option. Co-sponsoring information session with our Graduate Admissions office, highlighting the various graduate-level programs at the school, while exploring the application process, is a priority established by the committee. Financial assistance to help offset the application fees for the GRE is a new initiative launch by Graduate Admissions, in direct response to the MyBK @ T committee's interest in increasing the presence of Black and Latino men in our graduate programs. 

Populating the Pipeline

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Introducing students to STEM at a young age, providing opportunities to nurture their interests and improve their preparedness for the field, is an effective way of making sure the academic pipeline remains populated with diverse students. Building off of Tandon's rich history of offering STEM exploration experiences to the K-12 community, the MyBK @ T committee hosts similarly intended events for Black and Latino boys attending local schools. These events are aided by the participation of current Black and Latino men attending Tandon, allowing them to serve as roles models, while helping to create a sustained pathway to STEM for the next generation.