Meet our featured students and faculty members.

My Brother's Keeper @ Tandon (MyBK @ T) believes in centering the voices of our Black and Latino men, placing them in a position to tell their stories, in an effort to make their experiences known.

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The NYU Tandon School of Engineering is committed to making sure that we reflect the diverse identities and perspectives evident in our local and global communities. Our commitment to making Tandon a more inclusive environment can be found in our efforts to partner with and support historically underrepresented populations in STEM, making sure their contributions are both visible and valued. Here, we amplify some of the contributions made to the STEM field by Black and Latino men, while highlighting some of the experiences and achievements of our Black and Latino alumni and faculty members.

Black and Latino Men in STEM: An Abridged History


Additionally, a few of our Black and Latino men, currently completing undergraduate programs at Tandon, offer first hand accounts of the steps they have taken to make their dreams of being a STEM professional a reality. Empowering our Black and Latino men to tell their stories, as they are lived, matters. 

Meet our faculty and explore their research. Get to know our students and their goals. Become acquainted with the efforts of the MyBK @ T committee, a group dedicated to making Tandon a place where our Black and Latino men feel like they belong.