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My Brother’s Keeper @ Tandon Committee

Explore the priorities established by the MyBK @ T committee and the Tandon community members facilitating their progress.

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Our Priorities

The My Brother’s Keeper @ Tandon initiative exists as a part of the capacity-building efforts to make Tandon a more diverse and inclusive place, where students across various social identities feel like they belong and can thrive. More specifically, this initiative seeks to create an academic environment that supports the self-actualization of Black and Latino men and promotes their sustained presence in STEM. In pursuit of these goals, several priorities have been established for the current academic year, ushered forward by the MyBK @ T committee:

  • Develop the visual identity for the initiative and establish its online presence
  • Conduct archival research to bring forward the achievements of our Black and Latino alumni
  • Host focus group sessions with current students to better understand their experiences at Tandon
  • Explore efforts made by peer institutions to increase the academic engagement of Black and Latino men in STEM
  • Expand existing K-12 operations to include programs and events specifically designed for Black and Latino men
  • Sponsor mentoring events to increase the opportunities for current students to interact with our Black and Latino alumni
  • Host graduate school information sessions aimed at increasing the number of Black and Latino applicants to Tandon's programs 

Committee Chair

Nicole L. Johnson
Assistant Dean for Opportunity Programs

2022-2023 Subcommittees

Subcommittee Members

MyBK @ T Website

Melinda Parham, Lindsay Anderberg, Nicole Johnson, Sheldon Smith, Wendell Thomas

K-12 Initiatives

Ben Esner, Ana Torres, Nicole Johnson, Morrell McClurkin, Melinda Parham, Din Tolbert

Branding, Outreach, Community Building and Benchmarking

Wendell Thomas, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Nicole Johnson, Melinda Parham

GRE Prep and Graduate School

Elizabeth Ensweiler, Melinda Parham, Stacey Spears, Din Tolbert

Mentoring Events

Nicole Johnson, Victoria Bill, Melinda Parham Wendell Thomas, Din Tolbert

Subcommittee Leads appear in bold

Current Committee Members

Ana Torres 
Elizabeth Ensweiler
Ayaskanta Sahu 
Ben Esner 
Shawneece M Bailey
Lindsay Anderberg 
John Cardillo
Din Tolbert 
Burnie Durant Jr.

Luciano Medina 
Melinda Parham 
Morrell McClurkin 
Scott Fitzgerald
Teresa M Feroli 
Victoria G Bill
Wendell O Thomas 
Mgavi Elombe Brathwaite

All inquiries about the website can be directed to Melinda Parham, Assistant Dean for First-year Students & Academic Initiatives.