Sishir Surjit

  • B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Sishir Surjit using a black t-shirt

Global Challenge: Health

[As a part of GLASS], I believe I will gain a greater understanding of the world I am residing in, receive a higher extent of knowledge on bringing my ideas into the world as a viable service, which would allow me to become a successful engineer in the modern world.



I am an undergraduate student at NYU Tandon studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Born and raised mostly in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I love swimming and playing badminton, as well as trekking in the forests of my hometown in India. I also enjoyed doing community service. I have co-created a program in a local foundation that promoted sustainable farming in younger generations of more rural parts of Sri Lanka. With my interest in the subject of genetics, I attended a science camp at NUS in 2019 where Iearnt how to genetically modify bacteria as well as gained a scope of understanding in the various fields of science. I also participated in an internship at a local genetic company in Sri Lanka where I gained an understanding as well as conducted the processes of PCR and gel electrophoresis, which are essential in genetic screening. I am currently a teaching assistant for the general engineering department at Tandon. In the future I hope to create solutions for genetic illnesses and malformations as well as in the field of regenerative medicines.