Shreya Manjrekar

  • B.S. in Biomolecular Science

Shreya Manjrekar using a black top

Global Challenge: Health

In my eyes, a true biomedical engineer does not limit themself to one specified field of study, but branches out to learn how solutions can be found in places they were least expected.


I am from South Brunswick, New Jersey, and am currently majoring in Biomolecular Sciences, minoring in Computer Science. I plan to pursue a career in the biomedical field, specifically one that uses software tools hand-in-hand with biological data in order to positively impact the health and medicine field. 

Before my time at NYU, I took part in Rutgers Univerity’s WISE program where I was able to publish 2 genomic sequences of Landolita punctata to NCBI’s GenBank database. 

At NYU I have been able to progress my academic journey in the biomedical field by joining the 3D Printed Biomedical Devices VIP team. 

In addition to these academic experiences, I value building on my leadership skills and working towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming community here at Tandon. Last year I served as the President of Brooklyn Residence Hall Council (formerly known as COIN). Currently, I am the Director of Programming for the Tandon Undergraduate Student Council and oversee all of the events that the council holds. 

I also work as a Writing Partner Peer Tutor at the Tandon branch of the NYU Writing Center where I am able to pair up with students in introductory expository writing programs and work with them to better their writing and address and concerns they may have with their pieces. 

If I’m not studying or working I am most likely either dancing, cooking, or journaling. I love to make friends and see friendly faces around campus. If you want to know more about me or any of the projects I am currently working on, feel free to reach out and email me!