Sasha Agapiev

  • B.S. in Computer Science


Global Challenge: Virtual Reality Technology

I strongly believe in the potential of my idea of using VR to help manage Parkinson Disease symptoms, and I think it is an achievable goal especially with the mentorship, resources, and connections that the program can offer.”


I was born in Portland, Oregon and I've lived there pretty much my whole life, other than a short time in Greece and Serbia since my parents are from the Balkans. I am a Computer Science major right now, and I'll hopefully either minor in Finance or join Tandon's Risk Engineering program later on, as I've always been interested in markets and the cycles they follow. When I applied to the TGL program, my capstone project proposal was to use AR/VR technology to help mitigate Parkinson's symptoms.     

Outside of school, my biggest hobby is playing basketball. I would have tried out for NYU's team this season but Coronavirus had other plans. I also enjoy writing, skiing, and architecture. Over this summer, I've been a Doordash driver and I've been working on an independent e-commerce project that I'm hoping to scale in the coming months.