Ruthvik Mukkamala

  • B.S. in Mathematics

Ruthvik Mukkamala using a blue and white shirt

Global Challenge: Data Science/AI/Robotics and Sustainability

I am concerned about the significant reliance on harnessing data to manage our future climate infrastructure. With electric vehicles, improved transportation systems, renewable utilities, flooding and natural disaster mitigation projects, we must understand the potential cybersecurity implications of climate-tech innovation and safeguard increased data output.



I am from Princeton, NJ with a planned double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. As a student, I have been involved as an undergraduate researcher at NYU’s Visualization Imaging and Data Analysis Center mentored by Prof. Claudio Silva, where I have been developing computational models for projectiles in sports. I am also the president of NYU’s Robotics Club, where I help facilitate literature reviews in AI, computer vision, and applications of robotics, and host seminars by professors and industry professionals. Over the summer, I have worked at a startup based out in Brooklyn developing financial services for artists and music businesses, which unequivocally reinforced my desire to solve real-world problems and scale solutions for greater social use. Outside of my courses, I have always enjoyed playing sports — in high school I played tennis, soccer, and volleyball and my favorite past-time is playing pick-up basketball with my friends.