Qinsong Guo

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Tim Guo

Global Challenge: Urban

I wish to more closely intertwine myself with the fate of the world today — to fight its battles, to celebrate its joys, and to reduce its sufferings with technology, and an open mind.



Born and raised in Shanghai, China, I enjoy making music and solving Rubik’s cubes, as well as playing badminton with my friends. I love spreading the appreciation of science in people around me. Since 2015, I’ve conducted multiple district-wide STEM lectures and workshops in Shanghai, in which I introduced scientifically-curious adolescents to the topics of 3d-printing, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency. During community services in under-developed regions of China, I witnessed the unequal distribution of resources in society, which motivated me to help the less privileged populations using better infrastructure and policy. Currently, I’m taking an active role in the VIP team Sixth Sense and managing the NYU Robotics Club as the Club Secretary. I’m also looking forward to meeting talented peers while working as an EG1004 TA. As I progress in my study, I wish to expand my knowledge in engineering and science communication, so I can empower a larger population with my research and inventions.