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Global Challenge: Utilizing Big Data for Solutions

With new information and resources available to us, the structure of global governance and collaboration needs to modify its systems to encourage educated and more equitable decision making.”


As a Belgian/Israeli growing up in Singapore, I have been lucky enough to have extensive exposure to contemporary issues at both the local and global scale. This upbringing has led to an immense appreciation and passion for exploring cultures, and using the intersection of STEM and the humanities to tackle socio-economic and political dilemmas. I have followed this passion to an incubation competition hosted by tGELF and the UN, where my pitch for a modular sustainable housing unit targeting Goal 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals won first prize. During my gap year I also had the opportunity to intern as a paralegal at a law firm in Tanzania supporting local groups of women and juveniles as they navigated the legal system. As a freshman at NYU I continued in this vein by joining a Vertically Integrated Project that uses ethnographic methods and NLP data analysis to develop and understand intentional organizational cultures in start ups and big business. In my free time I work on curating my growing music and art collection as well as attempting to quiet my mind with meditative self-reflective practices.