Nabiha Siddique

  • B.S. in Computer Science

Nabiha Siddique using a black shirt

Global Challenge: Emerging Media

Being a part of GLASS will prepare me to be multicultural, multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial, socially conscious, and globally engaged because of the structure of the program and the opportunities it offers.



I’m an undergraduate student at NYU Tandon majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Management. In my free time, I love playing volleyball, badminton, as well as the clarinet. I also enjoy volunteering at animal shelters and teaching STEM in underfunded communities. Throughout high school, I specialized in Civil Engineering and Architecture, where I developed an interest in different types of immersive media through Revit’s Enscape extension. While at Tandon, I explored this interest as a member of the Dibner Library Augmented Reality team, where I lead the research and development of virtual reality. In this team, I am making a virtual reality experience to make the team app more immersive for the user. Currently, I am a teaching assistant for NYU’s General Engineering department. As I learn more about computer science I am applying my knowledge to various personal projects. Presently, I am working on a personal website, a flashcard pop-up game that uses spaced learning, and a virtual classroom that aims to make STEM education accessible.