Kevin Lora

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Global Challenge: Urban and Sustainability

Although being a global leader often comes with recognition for one's actions, it is the ability to understand that the intention of such actions is for the better of oneself, for others, for the world, rather than fame. A global leader must be content with the ability to do the important actions that become the steppingstones to other’s recognizable achievements without recognition.


I am a rising sophomore at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Math. I’ve lived in Northeast Jersey all my life however New York feels like a second home to me. I would often come to the city to exploit various engineering workshops that would deepen my understanding of locomotive technology.

At Tandon, I am a member of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Gentleman of Quality (GQ) and a variety of engineering Clubs. All of which have granted me the opportunity to connect with individuals that not only look like me but have similar interests in benefitting minority communities while revolutionizing aspects of modern-day technology.

I am currently a General Engineering TA and AAP mentor for incoming Mech-E students. I feel that these positions are beneficial in becoming more acclimated in the engineering space and offers me the chance to maintain that “hands on” experience that has grown since a young age.

As a second-generation Dominican college student, my hobbies include playing baseball, going to the gym, and dancing bachata to the infamous Romeo Santos.