Kerry Huang

  • B.S in Computer Science


Global Challenge: Cybersecurity and Communications/IT

I am drawn to interdisciplinary exploration and cross cultural experiences. Whether it's by studying abroad, learning from peers in disparate fields, or researching in a dynamic lab, I hope to join GLASS to further my passion."


I was born in China and immigrated to the U.S. at 8 years old. As such, I aim to remain close to my culture and maintain fluency in Mandarin. My interest in language motivated me to converse with native Spanish speakers, ultimately helping me create a chess bootcamp for students in Guatemala. While I am far from fluent in Spanish, this experience has opened me up to the possibility of exploring cultural differences through language acquisition. 

I am extremely grateful for the community I have found at NYU. My interest in algorithms led me to the Poly Programming Team, a competitive programming club at Tandon. The camaraderie and support from club members helped me thrive in my freshman year and I am extremely excited for the future adventures we have yet to have. Most recently, we participated in the International Collegiate Programming Competition held at Columbia. While our team was far from the best, I believe we can become the most improved team come next fall. 

In my free time I am interested in rock climbing and historical fashion, particularly late Victorian garment recreation. My dream is to climb in Zion and create a complete recreation of a Victorian dress complete with bustles and dolmans. Catch me at the Palladium rock wall or the Maker Space!