Karl Wu

  • B.S. in Integrated Digital Media

Headshot of Karl Wu

Global Challenge: Computerizing Health Information

Bioanalysis through a large and instant database could provide personalized health care suggestions as well as help to prevent large scale epidemics.”


I am a a Chinese-born designer, engineer, and problem solver who connects art and STEM for favorable human-centered designs. During the COVID-19 outbreak, I developed a chrome extension named “Safety Mask” that tracks the data and news to keep people informed and safe. As a member of Wearable Technology team, I also cared for people in recovery by designing a smart garment that measures knee movement and sends back useful information. I interned as a product manager and front-end developer at Tezign, a leading data intelligence creative marketing supplier in China, where I participated in developing a management service platform that helps more than 50,000 clients to easily match their suitable designers with the best supplies for their business. I believe the best designs come from experiences that arouse empathy. For fun, I walk around different art exhibitions or play soccer and basketball at Brooklyn Bridge Park.