Jiayi Sun

  • B.S. in Integrated Digital Media

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Global Challenge: Emerging Media and Urban

When I think about professional goals in the future, emerging media is definitely on my mind. However, since my major involves such a broad range of paths as far as media, I also want to experience more about each of them and specify my future directions.



I was born and raised on the east coast of China, and I attended high school in Utah. My high school had a heavy focus on arts, but I finally found my interests in not only arts but also technology in the Integrated Design and Media program at New York University. Besides, I’m enthusiastic about architecture, anthropology, and geography, probably as a result of my various traveling experiences. I’m trying my best to apply my knowledge in media to contribute to cultural awareness and tradition preservation. I also like visiting museums and libraries and volunteering in these places. I regularly hosted English conversations in a non-profit organization in my city and operated the official social media account. At school, I have done projects in the Public Relations and Media Department of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. You probably never heard anyone called Evaine before because I made it up.