Jessica Wong

  • B.S. in Biomolecular Science

Jessica Wong

Global Challenge: Advancing health informatics

Biomedical engineering captivates me, integrating my passion for understanding the physical world and my desire to create effective and accessible medical solutions. The field has the unique potential to improve patients’ lives through its blend of engineering ingenuity and scientific breakthroughs."


I am an undergraduate student studying Biomolecular Science, aspiring to help further the development of biomaterials that will aid in personalized and accessible treatments. Growing up in the Bay Area, I devoted my time to color guard, chamber choir, and tutoring. In 2020, I researched the scope, causes, and potential solutions to the lack of access to affordable healthcare while volunteering at a medical supply redistribution center that distributes medical supplies to clinics. In addition, I collaborated with peers at NYU Tandon to participate in and win a 5G Telehealth Tandon Made Challenge, developing smart glasses for EMTs and a hospital inventory tracking system. Currently, I am a member of the Angel Cooler VIP, designing experiments on the biomedical subteam to prototype a lung transplant apparatus for lung surgeries. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the city, trying new foods, and playing tennis.