Jason Huang

  • B.S. in Computer Science


Global Challenge: Reverse engineering the brain

For me, global leadership means to have a global vision, commitment to service, mastery in certain fields, and the goal of making this world a better place.”


As an international student from China, I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with minors in Mathematics, Robotics, and Finance. My academic interests have always been diverse and dynamic, focusing on the practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence in areas like robotics and finance.

My earliest project that introduced me to machine learning was the Sentimental Analysis System for Film Review. This project allowed me to explore how machine learning can be used to understand and interpret human emotions and opinions in film reviews. Another project that stands out is the Multi-agent Perception System. This project was an exploration into the world of collaborative robotic perceptions.

Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding project I've undertaken is the Zero-shot Indoor Navigation Robot during the summer of my junior year. This project not only allowed me to apply my previous knowledge but also challenged me to think creatively about integrating and fine-tuning various pre-trained models to achieve the multi-modal task of indoor object navigation.

Beyond these projects, my experiences as a Software Engineer at Dataval Venture and as a Research Assistant at NYU's Computer Vision Lab have been invaluable. These roles have given me a platform to apply my academic learning in real-world scenarios, further fueling my passion for technology and its potential to make a positive impact on society.

My journey at Tandon has been characterized by a continuous quest for knowledge and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the field of technology. I am committed to learning, innovating, and collaborating to make a difference in the world through technology.