Italo Peralta

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Italo Peralta using a white shirt

Global Challenge: Sustainability 

Being a part of GLASS would allow me to develop in the global world of academia and engineering with its study-abroad opportunities, mentorship, and internship opportunities


I was born in Queens, New York in a small Hispanic family. I was originally trained to be an FAA Aircraft Mechanic right after High School with no aspirations or plans for college but after the pandemic and the federal shutdown it was my decision to go to college and strive to become an engineer. 

Since then, I was picked to be an Honors student at NYU GLASS and with that opportunity I was able to go around the world and experience education in Europe and pursue amazing opportunities at great places.

I am currently concentrating my efforts in the aerospace field, and my Global Challenge revolves around Sustainability. The goal is to engage with and contribute to advancements and innovations in aerospace infrastructure that align with sustainable development. As I progress in my learning journey, my aim is not only to make contributions to the global community but also to give back to the NYU Tandon community. I aspire to bring fellow students along with me on the path of becoming globally conscious engineers.