Iman Hosseini

  • Ph.D. Student


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I am a 1st year PhD student of Computer Science at NYU School of Engineering. I am a member of Center for Cyber Security (CCS) and Offensive Security, Incident Response, and Internet Security (OSIRIS) Lab working under the supervision of Professor Nasir Memon and Professor Brendan Dolan-Gavitt

I have a gold medal in the National (Iran) Physics Olympiad and I got a B.A. in Physics and a B.A. in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. I sometimes play CTFs, and I enjoy developing software in C/C++, C# [Java, is that you?], Python and on occasion I have dabbled in Javascript, Go or OCaml etc. And I know some x86 and ARM assembly, (see Java Arm Accelerator) You can check out some of my work on GitHub. [A DSL Parser in Scala, A lexer in Go (conforming to Jackson Structured Programming), A server and client to stream screen through a custom tcp protocol in C#, later morphed into a project at where I worked, a toy binary analysis tool and other fun stuff)

Research Interests: Program Analysis, Reverse Engineering

Current Projects, Research Labs, and Groups