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Global Challenge: Nuclear Fusion Energy

Humanity is in danger if they are unable to create a sustainable, renewable energy source due to the highly increased risks of global warming caused by a multitude of factors.”

Honors and Awards:

  • Horatio Alger Tandon STEM Scholarship


Growing up in the suburban hamlet of Bay Shore, Long Island, there was not much to do besides spending hours on a gaming console or hanging out at the mall. Fortunately, I could participate in programs like the Junior Firefighters, which provided generous community service and brought a tighter bond to the Islip community. However, like most aspects of Bay Shore, there were undertones of racism and discrimination that took time for me to recognize and desire to get away from, to say the least. After achieving top 25 in my class and realizing my strong interest in technology, I was lucky enough to escape Bay Shore and join the NYU Tandon family. It was here I realized my desire to aid others using modern advancements. As for spiritual realization, I joined the Navigators at Tandon to try and build a closer connection to my religion. I also became an Administrative Assistant at the clinical social work office Butterfly LCSW PC, an extraordinary black-owned business on Long Island. A fun fact about me is that I’m double-joined in my arms and knees.