Gayatri Tyagi

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Gayatri Tyagi

Global Challenge: Affordable and clean energy

Solving some of the most pressing problems of our day like homelessness, scarcity, extremism, and climate change require engineering advances in tandem with global leadership initiatives, for neither can proceed without the other.”


Born in New Delhi, India, I have since lived in Connecticut, New York, and Virginia. Moving rather frequently encouraged me to stay in touch with my roots and gain a greater understanding of the world around me. I have participated in various engineering related extracurriculars like FIRST Robotics since 7th grade while also learning Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance, since I was 5 years old. The aspect of collaboration and community in these spaces helped develop my interest in engineering, specifically in Robotics. This was only solidified as I realized the potential that engineering has for addressing our largest societal challenges. Today, I am deeply interested in how different aspects of engineering and humanities can intersect and work together as a tool for helping people. I am pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering as well as minors in Computer Science and Robotics. I am currently involved with the Vertically Integrated Project, Smart Wearable Bio-Tracker for TeleRehab & TeleMonitoring, and am working as both the Web Manager for the VIP Program at Tandon and as a Teaching Assistant for the EG1003 class. In my free time I like reading, dancing, taking care of my plants, and having long conversations!