Gayatri Tyagi

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Global Challenge: Good Health and Well-Being

Solving some of the most pressing problems of our day like homelessness, scarcity, extremism, and climate change require engineering advances in tandem with global leadership initiatives, for neither can proceed without the other.”


I am pursuing a major in Computer Science with minors in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics. I am passionate about advancing technology for social progress, and am always curious about projects I can contribute to. I have been passionate about robotics as a field since I was 14, and love having the opportunity to expand my understanding of the field in college!

I am currently an undergraduate researcher at NYU Tandon's MERIIT (Medical Robotics and Interactive Intelligent Technologies) Lab, where I contribute to the soft robotics project. Through the lab, I have had the opportunity to contribute to various publication and research efforts. During the semester, I am also a teaching assistant for Tandon's general engineering course, EG-UY 1004, and the web manager for the Vertically Integrated Projects program.

This summer, I will be interning in Seattle as a software intern for Flight Test at Boeing. I am excited for the opportunity to cement software development skills, expand my understanding of the field, and contribute to enhancing fight safety.

My GLASS focus is improving the quality and access to healthcare by contributing to the development of soft robotics for medical and rehabilitative applications.