Evan Brody

  • B.S. in Mathematics


Global Challenge: Data Science/AI/Robotics

A true Global Leader acts in accordance with virtuous principles; among the most important of these are selflessness, conscientiousness, and kindness. The enactment of these three critical principles is what drives a Global Leader’s positive impact on his or her immediate community, wider environment, and human society as a whole.


Born and raised in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, I am currently a sophomore pursuing a double major in mathematics and computer science. Throughout my time at Tandon, I hope to expand my knowledge base, refine my problem-solving skills, learn from the perspectives of those around me, and develop an understanding of which specializations I have a passion for. I’m strongly interested in research and plan to eventually pursue a graduate degree in order to contribute to whichever subfield is the best fit for me. To this end, I spent this past summer at Boise State University participating in a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates along with eight other undergraduate researchers from various institutions. Outside of academics and work, you can find me playing chess, gaming, or taking a walk.