Elizabeth Castroverde

  • B.S. in Computer Science

Elizabeth Castroverde using a brown cardigan

Global Challenge: Data Science/AI/Robotics and Communications/IT

I hope to incorporate all of the Areas of Excellence into my studies, as I believe that multidisciplinary work is important to create change in the world.


I am pursuing a major in Computer Science with a minor in Biomolecular Sciences. 

I am currently part of the Creating Connections VIP team where I am researching ways to understand the outcomes of art therapy through the lenses of biomedical engineering and neuroscience. Additionally, I served as an IoT intern at NYU Abu Dhabi's Arabian Center for Climate and Environmental Sciences where I gained hands on experience in programming and building environmental sensor networks. In the professional realm, I've spent two summers in consulting, contributing to various client facing projects spanning the public sector, digital and technology, and financial services. As I continue to explore and refine my passions, I hope to explore different cultures and contribute to innovative solutions on a global scale!"