Dorothy Zhang

  • M.S. in Computer Science



UN Sustainability Goals

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Areas of Excellence

  • Sustainability
  • Urban
  • Data Science/AI/Robotics

Global Challenge: Sustainable Cities and Communities


Throughout my GLASS experience, I undertook a wide-ranging exploration of sustainability, connected to UNSDG #11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. In doing so, I sought to explore both the socioeconomic and environmental sides of sustainability progress. Managing and contributing to a sustainability-based vertically integrated project (VIP) team allowed me to research urban food security, and gain insight into effective sustainability education practices. Additionally, I delved into the realm of computational social science, focusing particularly on computational sustainability, and its growing role in progressing sustainable development. My journey also led me to multiple countries across multiple continents, where I learned about the various initiatives and approaches to creating sustainable futures for the local communities. Through all of this, I was able to better understand the importance of increased accessibility, innovative computational approaches, and intentional social initiatives, to the future of sustainable development. 


Dorothy Zhang was born in China, then raised across four countries and four US states — a progression that exposed her to various perspectives, and piqued my interest in adaptive problem-solving.

During her time at NYU, Dorothy studied computer science, with minors in mathematics and economics (policy concentration). Throughout her academic career, she worked as a teaching assistant for the Computer Science & Engineering department. Additionally, with a strong interest in interdisciplinary exploration, I’ve also managed the Solutions for Sustainable Futures VIP team, performed computational social science research during a semester in Abu Dhabi, and traveled abroad to learn from various industry professionals in Tanzania and Indonesia. This has all provided her with a greater understanding of effective and innovative practices in regards to both environmental and socioeconomic sustainability. 

Outside of academia, she plays the piano and double bass, and greatly enjoy trying new foods, reading memoirs, and knitting/crocheting endlessly. 

The Scholastic Titan Award