Colin Saideman

  • B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Global Challenge: Clean drinking water and sanitation access

I am excited to use my MS - Biomedical Engineering, BS - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering to pursue a career combining sustainable initiatives with medical products!"


I am a student at NYU Tandon with interests in translational research, public health, and sustainability. I am currently in the BS-MS program studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - BS and Biomedical Engineering - MS. This summer I will be completing my second internship at Procter & Gamble as a Product Supply Engineer. Being able to learn from industry experts and produce name brand products has been extremely exciting. I grew up in Morristown, New Jersey, but have also lived in Maryland and Oklahoma. I work as a General Engineering Teaching Assistant, participated in the Concrete Canoe Team, and am an Emergency Medical Technician. I have also worked in Khalil Ramadi, PhD Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi on 3D printed lattice pills used for prolonged drug delivery and microbiome sampling. I have been able to continue pursuing interdisciplinary knowledge on technology and health in order to expand my general and applicable knowledge of those fields. After graduation I plan to work as a process engineer in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical sector.

My GLASS project is working on oral cancer pain treatment by studying ECM rigidities' impact on nerve excitation with a focus on Schwann Cells using AFM, In Vivo Mice Models, RT-qPCR and other methods. I am doing this work at Yi Ye Lab at NYU Dentistry. 

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