Christopher Mendoza Brasil

  • B.S. in Computer Science


Global Challenge: Data Science/AI/Robotics and Cybersecurity

A true global leader is a visionary, who can explore the intricacies of our undeniably interconnected world with elegance and insight. They have a profound comprehension of the worldwide economy, global relations, and the cultural nuances of different regions and countries.


I am a rising sophomore at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York with two loving parents. It is there that my passion for technology began to blossom. 

Growing up in a very diverse city like New Rochelle, I was given the opportunity to embrace a variety of cultures, traditions, and most importantly perspectives. With my upbringing I was able to see the challenges within my community, motivating me to leverage technology to address these issues. 

Currently, I am a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund which grants students the knowledge and resources to complete a higher education. It is so exciting to be a part of a community that supports each other in their career aspirations. 

Some fun facts about me are that I love soccer, surfing, and rock climbing! And to answer your question, yes I am Brazilian and my last name is Brasil!