Headshot of Charles Liu

Global Challenge: New technologies to promote diversity of ideas and a more representative internet

I wish to engage in the GLASS program to help shape cyberspace into a place that fosters love, and celebrates our diversity as a species.”


Hey! My name is Charles and I’m senior undergraduate at NYU Tandon studying Computer Science. I was born and raised in New Jersey and have a cat named Jojo and a dog named Sophie. My topic of interest in GLASS began in cybersecurity, though I’ve also begun to move towards topics concerning sustainability and food security. My interests also lie in full-stack web development. I am a part of the Urban Food Lab Vertically Integrated Project (VIP), and have also volunteered as a Tandon orientation leader.

Some of my favorite memories in college are of meeting really cool people and bonding over activities I’d never done before. I grew up playing soccer, I used to fence, I played touch rugby at NYU Abu Dhabi, I love ultimate frisbee, and I've been training for a half marathon with a couple friends. I like being active and you will more than likely find me at the Tandon gym should you ever go.

My goal for this semester and the near future is to develop a career in software engineering. I hope to gain experience in the field through an internship or work this spring or summer. I also hope to get more involved with the computer science and software engineering communities by going to hackathons and conferences. 

Charles Liu, PTC Computer Science Tutor, is a senior bachelor's degree student majoring in computer science and minoring in math, business studies, and cybersecurity. This semester Charles will be tutoring CS 1113, CS1114, and CS 1134. Charles is from New Jersey and loves staying active (running, sports, gym, etc.). Hope to see you at the PTC soon!