Headshot of Charles Liu

UN Sustainability Goals

  • Zero Hunger
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

Areas of Excellence

  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability

Global Challenge: Securing Cyberspace


The highlight of the past 3 years in the program for me has been exploring different areas of the world and getting to see how other cultures and societies think and live. Something prevalent I observed was that communities and organizations made computer and data-powered decisions without really understanding how the systems they relied on work or might fail in the face of cybercrime. Something else that was discussed almost everywhere was how to increase food security both in local communities and as a nation. Thus, the work I've done for GLASS and the experiences and opportunities I've pursued, have been centered on discovering solutions to food security, sustainable communities, and cybersecurity.


Charles Liu majored in computer science at NYU Tandon and minored in cybersecurity, math, and business studies. He was born and raised in New Jersey and have a cat named Jojo and a dog named Sophie. He is passionate about cybersecurity, sustainability and food security, education, and full-stack web development.

His favorite times in college included traveling abroad to Abu Dhabi, Tanzania, and Indonesia and meeting wonderful people everywhere he went. He also enjoyed traveling to various conferences (especially Microsoft Build 2023) where he learned a lot about the hottest new technologies and tools in software and witnessed many inspiring and creative projects. His professional experiences were also a highlight during his time at Tandon. He worked at Tandon Future Labs with a startup called Peeramid as a software development intern and at Build4Good with the Adelante Center for Entrepreneurship as a technical consultant/front-end development intern. 

Some other favorite memories I’ve had include playing touch rugby at NYU Abu Dhabi, ultimate Frisbee down at the Brooklyn Piers, and running a half marathon with a couple of friends at Rockaway Beach. Charles love staying active and highly recommend the well-maintained NYU gym facilities.

Post-graduation, I’m looking forward to getting into the industry, whether it be in software engineering, consulting, or education. He hopes to gain experience in the field through work and cool personal projects!

Charles Liu, PTC Computer Science Tutor, is a senior bachelor's degree student majoring in computer science and minoring in math, business studies, and cybersecurity. This semester Charles will be tutoring CS 1113, CS1114, and CS 1134. Charles is from New Jersey and loves staying active (running, sports, gym, etc.). Hope to see you at the PTC soon!