Ashley McCaughan

  • B.S. in Biomolecular Science


Global Challenge: Good Health and Well-being

Engineering is the connection between healthcare and technology.  By exploring innovation through engineering principles, we can improve medicine and patient care.  I plan to use my time in NYU Tandon’s Honors GLASS program to establish a proactive perspective on problem-solving."


I am a sophomore majoring in Biomolecular Science and on the prehealth track at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  I am passionate about quality healthcare, and I am interested in pursuing a career in medical engineering.  I am Filipino American, born and raised in Mississippi. I never lived outside of the South until college, so I appreciate the diversity of New York and its inclusivity of different cultures.  

When I am back in Mississippi, I am an intern at Right Weigh Clinic, which specializes in weight loss.  In a state with a high obesity rate, I believe it is important to educate patients on preventative healthcare to minimize health risks that could negatively impact their future.  I have worked with many patients through counseling to establish healthy habits. In the clinic, we utilize devices that conduct body mass analyses, which can be used to track patient weight loss journeys. Working with this technology, I am motivated to improve medical devices for public health.

In the spring, I will be in a research lab at NYU Abu Dhabi that works on designing and building microfluidic devices out of a biocompatible polymer material for rapid detection of various pathogens using CRISPR-Cas technology.  

I enjoy trying the different food that New York has to offer with my friends, and I have fun playing the guitar during my free time.