Angie Mohamed

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Global Challenge: Health, Sustainability, and Emerging Media

I don’t want to be an engineer who works on chemical/nuclear plants or creates weapons of mass destruction and definitely not someone who sits behind a computer writing code. I want to create a more sustainable future, where we can fully recognize that “nature” is only a social construct created by the Industrial Revolution and that maintaining the environment does not just mean “preserving nature,” with parks and zoos, but also controlling the urban setting and development of our cities."


My name is Angie and I am an undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I plan on pursuing a masters in Biomedical Engineering and using my degrees to fulfill a life as a humanitarian. I am a first generation college student and I have lived my entire life in NYC; however I am a dual citizen, holding an Egyptian citizenship.

I am a part of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Feminism and STEM VIP Team, and the MLK Honors Program here at NYU.

When I’m not at Tandon you’ll probably find me at a bookstore, drinking coffee, reading and people watching!!