Ameya Palav

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

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Global Challenge: Solutions to Infrastructural Issues

Identifying problems with our modern infrastructure and developing appropriate solutions is only as beneficial as society as a whole deems it to be.”


Born in Yonkers, New York, I have taken an immense interest in promoting STEM education and resources in a city where these opportunities are generally underfunded. Throughout high school as a mechanical subdirector on my FIRST Robotics team, I mentored middle school students in a weeklong robotics camp as well as demonstrated our robots at various STEM fairs. My interest in robotics and aviation inspired me to join NYU’s Robotic Design Team where, as a systems engineer, I help integrate software with electrical and mechanical components to produce a robot for NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition. In addition, I currently work as a Teaching Assistant for NYU’s General Engineering department. When I’m not volunteering or studying, you can find me either watching or playing my favorite sport, basketball. As I continue along in my undergraduate studies, I hope to gain the skills necessary to revolutionize the fields of robotics and aviation, all while continuing my passion for inspiring the next generation of STEM students.