Alexander Escobar headshot

Global Challenge: Data Science/AI/Robotics

When I think of a leader, I think of someone who is not afraid of exploring and taking initiative whilst also guiding those around them with a common goal


Hello! I’m Alexander and I am pursuing my education as a rising Sophomore at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. I major in Computer Engineering and am passionate about exploring the world of technology and innovation.

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York with a warm and loving family of seven. My upbringing in a multicultural environment has shaped my perspective and my desire to make a positive impact in my community.

At home, I am part of a Christian Youth Group, where I find support, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Additionally, I am a tutor for high school students, specifically helping those facing challenges understanding the English language.

Being part of the Opportunities Program at New York University, I am dedicated to seizing every chance to learn, grow, and make a difference. I am excited about my journey as a Computer Engineering student and eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to shape a better future globally.

An Interview with My Brother's Keeper @ Tandon

What inspired you to pursue a STEM-based degree? How did you discover your interest in the field?

I was inspired to pursue a STEM-based degree because I believe that through STEM I will be able to make a meaningful impact on today’s society. I discovered my interest in the field through an afterschool robotics club I was enrolled in.


Who within STEM serves as an inspiration for you?

Elon Musk. Despite failing time and time again he proved to the world that nothing is impossible.


How would you describe your experiences as a Black and/or Latino student at the School of Engineering?

My experiences as a Latino student at the School Of Engineering can be described as rewarding. Even during times when I may feel like the world is against me, I know that the hard work I put forward will reward me with a greater feeling of accomplishment.


What courses were challenging for you? How did those courses better prepare you for what’s ahead?

Courses that were challenging for me were General Engineering and Mechanics. These courses allowed me to truly grasp an understanding of what it means to be an engineer. They helped me build my problem-solving capabilities.


What are your research/professional career goals?

After I graduate, I hope to work in the field as a Scrum Master/Software Developer. I would like to test software applications and systems for various industries.


As an underrepresented minority student, is there something that you recognize more now that you didn’t think of before attending Tandon?

I’ve realized that not everyone is going to be your friend, but you become who you surround yourself with.


How important is it for incoming minority students to utilize their resources (i.e. professors, counselors, advisors, tutors, etc.)?

It is important for minority students to take advantage of their resources because it allows them to get the most out of their opportunities. In this competitive field, it is important to gain an advantage from your resources.


What advice would you offer to Black and Latino men who are interested in the STEM field?

My advice to Black and Latino men entering the STEM fields is to never give up. If you have a goal, achieve that goal, regardless of the challenges in your path.