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Tandon Made Challenge Fall Semester Showcase

The 2020 Tandon Made Challenge, which called on incoming students to form groups with classmates they had yet to meet in person and solve a pressing healthcare challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in a plethora of innovative ideas — from a device that enables medical responders to stream live footage of a patient during an ambulance ride to no-touch elevator buttons.

At stake in each of the three Challenges were two $5,000 prizes (one graduate and one undergraduate) to be used to further develop the winning ideas during the Fall semester.  In addition to those hotly contested prizes, any teams participating in all three Challenges — no-touch hardware, telehealth, and remote medical-device control — received a $500 prize in recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit, to be used to prototype their ideas.

After one semester, we are proud to share the progress of our Tandon Made Challenge teams!

Undergraduate Groups

InnoVate is a redesign of the traditional IV pole, aiming to alleviate nurses of tedious tasks by incorporating both patient-synced movement and IV fluid level monitoring.  Through the use of motorized omni-wheels and a microcomputer, the IV pole will be mobile and capable of patient-tracking.  Onboard PING sensors will enable the pole to traverse the hospital terrain, as it tracks the patient through an RFID-tagged band.  Meanwhile, force probe hooks will actively relay IV fluid levels to a centralized computer system, reducing the need for unnecessary visits by nurses.

Team Bios

Ehtisham Chaudhary (‘24)

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Ehtisham is interested in robotics, automation, and sustainable energy production.  
  • Fun Fact: Ehtisham can speak four languages.

Ahmer Khan (‘24)

  • Major: Computer Science, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Ahmer is interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as GANs.
  • Fun Fact: Ahmer can do a finger split.

Ryan Rochmanofenna (‘24)

  • Major: Computer Science, B.S. 
  • Research Interests: Ryan is passionate about robotic design and programming.
  • Fun Fact: Ryan is an avid guitarist and chess player.

Mia Tahsin (‘24) 

  • Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Mia aspires to apply nanotechnology within neuroscience and cardiology.
  • Fun Fact: One of Mia’s paintings was lost in a fire when it was displayed in a museum that burnt to the ground. 

Dorothy Zhang (‘24) 

  • Major: Computer Science, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Dorothy loves data science, visualization, and the application of computing principles to other fields.
  • Fun Fact: Dorothy lived in Finland before moving to the United States.

Shepard is a DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) kit that allows elevator passengers to select a floor without touching any elevator buttons.  Passengers use the buttons on their mobile phone keypad to input their destination floor.  A DTMF decoder installed in the elevator receives and filters the phone frequency and instructs the elevator to transport the passenger to the selected floor.

Team Bios

Suning Yao (‘24)

  • Major: Mathematics, B.S. 
  • Research Interests: Suning wrote the code and built the device for Shepard’s project.
  • Fun Fact: Suning is passionate about bodybuilding and music.

Zheqing Yang (‘24)

  • Major: Business and Technology Management, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Zheqing is also interested in studying japanese culture and economics.
  • Fun Fact: Zheqing is allergic to dairy products, but he still loves dairy foods. 

Jinjing Luo (‘24)

  • Major: Business and Technology Management, B.S.
  • Research Interests: JinJing is also interested in studying the history of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods of China, as well as the teachings of pre-Qin philosophers.   
  • Fun Fact: JinJing plays the pipa (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) to imitate the sound of cutting trees when she is sad.

Christine Wang (‘24)

  • Major: Integrated Digital Media, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Christine enjoys operations, revising business plans, coordinating meetings, and creating pitch presentations.
  • Fun Fact: Christine loves watching musicals.

emtConnect is a hospital inventory tracking system that aims to improve patient flow in overwhelmed hospitals.  Currently, emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) can only see a hospital’s carrying capacity in terms of available and diversion.  This simplification of status results in hospital inefficiencies with long queues.  Delays are problematic for patients who need immediate medical assistance.  emtConnect improves EMT and ambulance efficiency, workflow and patient flow in hospitals, and overall patient satisfaction by providing dispatchers with an automated tracking system.   

Team Bios

Jason Mai (‘24)

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
  • Research Interests: After graduating from NYU Tandon, Jason wishes to find a job in robotics and earn a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Fun Fact: Jason enjoys learning new languages and is currently studying Japanese.  He also loves cooking and building objects from scratch. 

Jane Beth Smelyansky (‘24)

  • Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Jane is also interested in studying Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship in engineering.
  • Fun Fact: Jane plays three instruments.

Jessica Wong (‘24) 

  • Major: Biomolecular Science, B.S.
  • Research Interests: After graduating, Jessica hopes to work in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry, making healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone. 
  • Fun Fact: In her free time, Jessica enjoys trying good food, singing, and hiking.

Shubh Savani (‘24)

  • Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Shubh is interested in artificial intelligence, robotics, and space expiration.  He aspires to work in the space exploration industry or develop electrical vehicles.
  • Fun Fact: Shubh enjoys playing tennis, football, and exploring New York City.

Homey digitizes homeopathic diagnosis.  Forms of alternative medicine, such as homeopathy, lack established channels for virtual diagnosis and treatment.  Homey aims to fill this market gap and empower homeopathic clinicians and patients.  Homey facilitates customer acquisition for homeopaths and enables homeopathy patients to consult the best homeopaths in the country.  Homey directly places an order for medicine on behalf of the patient post-diagnosis -- ensuring proper delivery.  Homey also enables pharmaceutical companies to sell remedies to an online customer base as customers get diagnosed remotely.

Team Bios

Gaurang Ruparelia (‘24)

  • Major: Computer Science, B.S. 
  • Research Interests: Gaurang is an aspiring sustainopreneur who loves to read books and play squash in his free time. 
  • Fun Fact: Gaurang is a black belt in Karate Goju-Ryu style. 

Neurobotica is a humanoid robot actuated by compliant, electrically actuated, strong and fast muscle fibers, allowing it to perform fine motor tasks in medical settings.  Neurobotica helps healthcare workers complete medical care remotely without being placed in dangerous situations or settings.

Team Bios

George Zhang (‘24) 

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering, B.S. 
  • Research Interests: George has extensive research experience in bionics, soft robotics, and underactuated robotics.  George is also interested in artificial intelligence, dynamics, bio-inspired robotics, soft robotics and material science, neuromechanics, and psychology.  George designed Neurobotica’s soft actuator. 
  • Fun Fact: George is a classical violinist and a gigantic classical music enthusiast.

Caleb Hao (‘24) 

  • Major: Business and Technology Management, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Caleb is Neurobotica’s marketing researcher and focuses on presentations, advertising, and networking.
  • Fun Fact: Caleb completed four years of medical research in high school and co-authored a publication in a Ph.D. journal.

Pranad Gandhi (‘24) 

  • Major: Physics and Mathematics, B.S.
  • Research Interests: Pranad has relevant research experience in physics (Hawking radiation) and mathematics (Brachistochrone problem).  Pranad is also interested in artificial intelligence, special/general theory of relativity, finance, and business entrepreneurship.  He is looking forward to contributing to the neural interface technology and actuator design aspects of Neurobotica. 
  • Fun Fact: Pranad is a huge Harry Potter fan.

Yeseon Kim (‘24)

  • Major: Computer Science, B.S. 
  • Research Interests: Yeseon has a background in advanced software engineering and web development.  Yeseon completed two years of college level studies in high school, and is looking forward to contributing to the team by leading the neural interface and software development of the humanoid robot.
  • Fun Fact: Yeseon loves boba. 

Graduate Groups

Sleevey is a glove for every handle.  Cross-contamination leaves germs on almost every public surface.  Sleevey is a flexible, self-cleaning, silicone cover that consumers can use to cover the handles on rented bikes, subway cars, buses, and shopping carts, thereby reducing the risk of infection and spread of bacteria and germs.  Sleevey can be extended to fit any handle and is stored inside a small, travel-sized case that contains a sanitizing solution.

Team Bios

Tiffanie Lang (‘22)

  • Major: Environmental Science, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Tiffanie is interested in machinery, business administration, and data analysis.
  • Fun Fact: Tiffanie loves decorations and art designs.

Kelechi Ndukwe-Ajala (‘25)

  • Major: Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Research Interests: Kelechi is passionate about automated manufacturing and sustainable processes.
  • Fun Fact: Kelechi likes extreme roller coaster rides.

Jasmine Panesar (‘22)

  • Major: Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Jasmine is interested in biomedical devices and healthcare.
  • Fun Fact: Jasmine can roll her tongue all the way back.

Neta Benor (‘22)

  • Major: Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Neta also enjoys studying human and animal health.
  • Fun Fact: Neta was in Drama for 10 years and once played a love-struck man.

TBooth is a modular kiosk with added diagnostic capabilities.  TBooth sends patients' real-time vitals to doctors for remote diagnostics, allows for convenient check-ups, and maintains patient health records digitally to provide preventive and non-emergency care.  In the past three months, the team has worked to identify a target market and early adopters of their initial prototype.  The TBooth team has interviewed physicians, patients, students, nursing home staff, and non-governmental organizations for their customer ecosystem.  Based on these learnings, TBooth is prepared to improve their previous design and build a prototype.

Team Bios

Kim Zhang (‘22)

  • Major: Financial Risk Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Kim is a former Long-Term-Care Intern and is passionate about TBooth because she believes that it will bring a positive impact to the current condition of Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities.
  • Fun Fact: Kim has been living by herself since she was 15 (about 7 years now).

Chinmay Tompe (‘22)

  • Major: Electrical Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Chinmay is interested in Wireless Communication technology (specifically future mobile networks) and Digital Signal Processing. Recently, Chinmay has also started exploring Quantum Computing.
  • Fun Fact: Chinmay has never broken a bone or been hospitalized. 

Dhairya Upadhyay (‘22)

  • Major: Electrical Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Dhairya is interested in Embedded Systems, Big Data Analysis, and machine learning for robotics and autonomy. 
  • Fun Fact: If Dhairya could pick a time period to live in, he would pick the 1920s Prohibition America. But this could also be because he is a huge fan of The Great Gatsby.  

Neeti Yadav (‘22)

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Neeti is interested in point of care diagnostic devices and machine learning applications in the medical field. 
  • Fun Fact: One of Neeti’s quirky habits is to check if the number plates of vehicles that pass are divisible by three.


DispoBot is an autonomous waste-collecting robot that navigates hospitals and disposes of waste in automated trash bins.  Many diseases are transmitted through waste and the improper handling of waste -- especially medical waste.  DispoBot offers a fully automated and contactless system that performs the collection, transportation, and dumping of medical waste that is cheaper and a more efficient alternative to existing technologies.


Team Bios

Viswanathan Babu C A (‘22)

  • Major: Electrical Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Viswanathan specializes in signal and image processing and machine learning.  He also holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Benjamin Koosla (‘22)

  • Major: Industrial Engineering, M.S.
  • Research Interests: Benjamin specializes in CAD design and part fabrication.  He also holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.



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