• A tabletop device for quickly and affordably manufacturing printed circuit boards

BotFactory machine

The Team:

Nicolas Vansnick and Carlos Ospina

The Story:

At the heart of many electronic devices is the printed circuit board (PCB), but for years electrical engineers, students, and tinkerers required manufacturers to print PCBs, resulting in higher costs and longer wait time. Inspired by their experience in a course at Tandon, where many students failed a project due to PCB manufacturer delays, the co-founders of BotFactory, Nico Vansnick and Carlos Ospina, developed Squink — a desktop circuit board printer reminiscent of a 3D printer that functions as a mini PCB factory, efficiently printing and assembling custom circuit boards. After placing third at the 2013 InnoVention competition and participating in the Summer Launchpad, BotFactory maintained residence at the Tandon Digital Future Lab before expanding its business with numerous grants and seed funding, including $1.3 million from New York Angels.

They’ve now expanded their product line to include a more advanced model, the SV2, and their customers include engineers, teachers and makers around the world.