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Prototyping Fund Showcase

digital climate clock

Climate Clock, one of the projects showcased at this year's Prototyping Fund Showcase, aims to use the power of metrics to instill both a fear and a hope for a future world affected by climate change

The Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute that awards teams of students up to $500 in the first round of funding and up to $2,000 in a second round to be used to build prototypes. (Teams are also connected to mentors and a variety of useful resources.)

In late April awardees gathered via Zoom to share updates on their projects and showcase what they had built over the semester. From a smart guitar (for the Brian May in all of us) to a climate-change countdown clock that its creators hope will spur people to action, it was all on display at the virtual event. 

"While the modality was different, the projects and the students' resilience were inspiring," said Anne-Laure Fayard, associate professor in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at NYU Tandon and co-organizer of the Prototyping Fund.

model of smart guitar

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