Anne-Laure Fayard

Associate Professor



Anne-Laure Fayard is Associate Professor of Management in the Department of Technology Management  and Innovation at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. She is also an affiliate faculty with the Department of Management and Organizations at NYU Stern Business School. Prior to moving to New York, she was a faculty member at INSEAD Business School, both in Singapore and in Fontainebleau. She has also been visiting scholar with the Center of Sociology of Innovation at Ecole des Mines in Paris and with Design London and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at Imperial College in London.
Her research interests involve collaboration, design, culture and space. Her work has been published in several leading journals such as Organization Science, Harvard Business Review, Organization Studies, the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and The European Management Journal. She has been quoted in newspapers such as The New York Times and Business Week. Her book on The Power of Writing in Organizations with Anca Metiu was published by Routledge in August 2012. She teaches courses in organizational behavior, design thinking, leadership, and qualitative research methods in graduate and executive programs.

Anne-Laure is the faculty advisor for Design for America of NYU and the advisor to the Design Lab at NYU Tandon MakerSpace. She is a member of the Academic Board of the Culture Lab at Mars Inc.

She holds an MA and an M.Phil. in Philosophy from Paris – La Sorbonne, an M.Phil. in Cognitive Science from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from the Ecole des Hautes-Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris).

Research Interests: Sociomaterial practices, including the affordances of material artifacts and the influence of space.
Service Design, Design thinking and open innovation
Organizational communication, including discourse analysis, discursive practices and technology-mediated communication.

University of Paris I-Sorbonne 1991
Master of Arts (Maitrise of Philosophy ), Philosophy

University of Paris I-Sorbonne 1992
M. Phil. (Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies ), History and Philosophy of Science

Ecole Polytechnique 1993
M.Phil. (Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies ), Cognitive Science

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales 1998
Doctor of Philosophy, Cognitive Science

Journal Articles

  • Fayard, AL, Stigliani, I. and Bechky, B. 2017, How Nascent Occupations Construct a Mandate: The Case of Service Designers’ Ethos, Administration Science Quarterly
  • Fayard, A.L., Gkeredakis, E. and Levina, N., “Framing Innovation Opportunities While Staying Committed to an Organizational Epistemic Stance,” Information Systems Research, 27(2), March, 2016, pp: 302-323.
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Authored/Edited Books

  • Fayard, AL, Van Maanen, J. and Weeks, J., 2015, Contract Ethnography: Balancing Between Serious and Casual Ethnography in Handbook on Innovative Methods in Qualitative Research, eds. K. Eslbach and R. Krammer
  • Metiu, A. and Fayard, AL, 2015, The Qualitative Analysis of Online Phenomena: Between Text and Context in Handbook on Innovative Methods in Qualitative Research, eds. K. Eslbach and R. Krammer
  • Fayard, AL. A sense of Place: The Production of Virtual and Physical Spaces Book chapter in Materiality and Organizing: Social Interaction in a Technological World, Eds. by Paul Leonardi, Bonnie Nardi, and Jannis Kallinicos, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, November 2012.
  • Fayard, AL, 2011, What types of space foster innovation delivery? Innovation Delivery & Entrepreneurship. Channel V Books, 69-71
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  • Mackay, W., Fayard, AL., Frobert, L., and Medini, L. 1998. Reinventing the familiar :Exploring an Augmented Reality Design Space for Air Traffic Control In Proceedings of CHI'98 (Conference on Computer-Human Interactions), LA, USA.



Other Publications



Case studies

• OpenIDEO, HBS case study with Karim Lakhani (HBS) and
Natalia Levina (NYU, Stern), 2012
• Designing Services at Engine Cases A and B (Imperial college case published with on ECCH with a teaching note and complementary video)       
With Ileana Stigliani and Erin Williams, 2010
• Unisys Corporation: IT Governance and Prioritization with Theodoros Evgeniou and Marios Klapsis (INSEAD Case published on ECCH), 2004
• Xerox: Building, Sustaining and Monetizing Knowledge  Management with Soumitra Dutta, Luk Van Wassenhove and Patricia Reese (INSEAD case and Teaching Note published on ECCH), 2003 
• INTEL: Building an E-Corporation, with Charles Galunic and Caroline Abraham (case writer) (INSEAD case), 2002

Invited articles

Fayard, AL. Jan. 14, 2015. “Balance Proximity and Privacy in the Office”, Room for Debate “Bring Back Cubicles?”

Fayard, AL. February 28, 2013, “One Size Does not Fit All”, Room for Debate “Out of the Office, On the Clock, New York Times

Weeks, J. and Fayard, AL, 2011, Blurring face-to-face and virtual encounters, blog post on HBR blog.

Videos and other media

2011 Storytelling, a group exhibition with Aileen Wilson, Adam Brent, James Cospito,Sally Gil, Cheol Yu Kim, Andy Lin and Guilhem Tamasier. Curated by Jessica Bronson at The inFUSION Gallery at MSKCC Brooklyn Infusion Center. March-June 2011.

2011 Neo-nomads: what travels with you? a group exhibition with Kim Beck, Adam Brent, Emily Henretta, Sangbin IM, McKendree Key, Ward Shelley, and Traci Talasco. Curated by Aileen Wilson, Anne-Laure Fayard and Baseera Kahn at the BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. January 19 – February 26, 2011.
Fayard and Wilson, Preface to the catalogue: Neo-nomads: What travels with you?

See review on NY Times Local blog:

2010 Investigatio, a group exhibition with Yasmine Abbas, James Auger, Lucy Kimbell, Patrick Stacey Ileana Stigliani, Nina Wakeford at the Hockney Gallery, Stevens Building, Royal College of Art, London. Curated by Anne-Laure Fayard. January 13-15, 2010 

2009 building_space_words, an interactive, multi-media installation with Aileen Wilson. Wunsch building, NYU-Poly, Brooklyn, New York, March 5-27, 2009.

1998, Fayard, AL and Lahlou, S. The SubCam: A New Tool for Analyzing Office Work 1998, in the Video Proceedings of CSCW'98, Seattle, November 1998


• Runner up for the OMT Best Symposium for a symposium on Materiality and
Organizations, Academy of Management Meetings, 2009.
•  Roland Calori Award, Best Paper Published in Organization Studies, 2009 for
Photocopiers and Water-coolers: The Affordances of Informal Interactions,
Organization Studies, 2007, Vol. 28, No. 5, 605-634
•  UC Davis Qualitative Conference, Best Paper Award, 2007. For Beyond Orality and Literacy: Letters and Online Interactions
•  Academy of Management, OCIS Division, Best Paper Award, 2004. “Language
games in Online Learning Forums”
•  Ph.D Scholarship, French Ministry of National Education, Advanced Instruction, and Research, 1993-1995


• Distinguished Teaching Award, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, 2017

•  Best Student Advisor at NYU-Poly as the advisor of Open IDEO student chapter

• Nominated as an Outstanding University Innovator for the Dell Social Innovation
Challenge (Summer 2012)