InnoVention enters its semi-final rounds, and Tandon teams prove to be strong competitors

Since the February 8 kickoff, participants in the InnoVention Competition have worked feverishly to  refine their ideas, learn about customer discovery and prototyping, and hone their pitching skills, and when the dust settled on March 17, six New York-based teams had been named regional semi-finalists.

Tandon teams that will be moving on to compete in the finals include:

  • CAR-T Chips — By combining recent advances in microfluidic organ-on-a-chip technology and CAR-T cell immunotherapy, the venture offers innovative screening platforms for oncologists to select potential responders and the best personalized therapeutics for acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients
  • Jade — a platform that provides information on the environmental and ethical impacts of various clothing brands to empower sustainability-conscious consumers to make informed clothing purchases and drive sales to eco-friendly clothing brands
  • Neurobotica  — developers of a teleoperation robotic system that enables remote healthcare and manufacturing

Congratulations go, as well, to the other New York-based semifinalists:

  • Jengu — a compact system of smart postnatal home fitness essentials designed to motivate new moms to reconnect with their bodies and regain their strength with equipment they love to use
  • Letryx — a legal software company developing a machine learning platform for energy lawyers
  • Stan (formerly Trim)  — an app aimed at helping streamers grow faster and scale themselves by cutting down the time it takes to share engaging moments of their livestream content to other media platforms

The six ventures are now vying to be declared regional champions before going head-to-head at the April 28 global finals with winners from Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

Ann Huang, the current president of the InnoVention Society, which arranges the eagerly awaited annual event, says, “I’ve been helping organize for the last three years, and I’ve never seen this level of excitement. InnoVention has now truly gone global with participants from NYU’s worldwide campuses, so that naturally takes things up a notch; the prospect of winning a portion of the more-than-$50,000 prize pool certainly adds a level of anticipation as well.”

Steve Kuyan, Tandon’s Director of Entrepreneurship and Managing Director of the Future Labs, is proud of the spirit of entrepreneurship and inventiveness that pervades NYU. “Our students have a drive to make a difference,” he says. “And if the past winners of InnoVention are any indication, they’re well on their way to doing that.”

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