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Starting an Organization

Fall 2021 New Club Applications

New club applications will be open from September 17 - October 3. Before submitting an application, please thoroughly review the requirements listed below to ensure that your organization meets all of them. If you have any questions about the application or the requirements, please contact us at 


Start a New Club

Creating a new club or organization is easy. As long as you meet the requirements, complete the required forms and meet the deadlines provided, you are on your way to creating your group! Below are a few requirements to have before you start:

  • At least four executive board members who are School of Engineering students
  • At least eight additional members who are the School of Engineering students
  • A faculty or staff advisor
  • A mission statement, organizational goals, and a programming outline
  • A constitution following the OSARC Model Constitution

Applications are accepted for new student organizations during September via NYU Engage. Qualified applicants will be contacted after the deadline for an interview. Please note, space for new clubs is limited and not all applicants will be granted recognition.

All Student Clubs and Organizations need to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook. 

Please read through the Student Organization Handbook before submitting the Club Recognition Application to the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center via NYU Engage. If approved, the club will then enter the Incubation Period.

Incubation Period

Once clubs are accepted into the Incubation Period for the duration or time equivalent of one (1) semester, these forming student organizations are eligible for the following:

  • Funding – Clubs in incubation will receive an initial allocation based on available funding at the time of recognition. In addition, incubation clubs may submit supplemental funding requests to Student Council as outlined in Section 3 of this handbook and in accordance with the Finance Committee guidelines.
  • Fundraising – Clubs in incubation must host one (1) fundraiser per semester.
  • On Campus Space – Clubs may request any of the eligible spaces on campus per the Event Request Form on NYU Engage and following the guidelines in the Handbook.
  • Directory Listing – Clubs are eligible to receive a listing on the online clubs and orgs directory with the explicit caveat, “in incubation”.
  • Club Purchasing Card, Email Address, Locker, Banner, Mailbox in LC 223 – Clubs are not eligible for these items until completion of the set incubation period and when all the terms of this period have been met.
  • OSARC Meetings – Clubs in incubation must meet with their appointed Graduate Assistant (GA) on a bi-weekly basis to work through OSARC processes and club goals.
    • Clubs must complete the Student Leader Orientation (SLO) training with their appointed GA.
    • Clubs must submit ALL General Body Meeting minutes to their GA within seven (7) days of the meeting date.
    • Clubs must submit the membership roster at the final incubation meeting of the semester.

If clubs fail to be officially recognized at the end of their incubation period, any fundraised money will be incorporated into Student Council funding to be allocated to clubs requesting funding.