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Student employment opportunities

These are opportunities for undergraduate students to gain paid leadership and work experience during their time at Tandon. As a tutor or mentor, you will not only be contributing to build a diverse and inclusive academic community, but you will also be building your own teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. Each of the programs below offers development opportunities for their student employees in a variety of group settings to support students from K12 to undergraduate peers.

Polytechnic Tutoring Center

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The Polytechnic Tutoring Center, often referred to simply as the "PTC," is dedicated to giving students the personalized attention they need to help them achieve their academic goals at the School of Engineering.  We are located in 6 MetroTech Center, JAB 373.


General Engineering

The Introduction to Engineering & Design course, EG 1003, is taken by all engineering students at Tandon. EG is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive academic community. We encourage applications from candidates who have strong interests to achieve this goal. Candidates should have a commitment to fostering inclusivity and learning both in a classroom setting and among their peers.


group of diverse students holding signs saying "I am TRIO"

The School of Engineering's TRIO Scholars Program is funded by a Student Support Services TRIO Grant from the United States Department of Education. We offer services designed to maximize TRIO participants’ academic and personal potential, providing them with the support and skills needed to remain in college and complete a degree program.


K12 STEM Center

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The Center for K12 STEM Education aims to increase access to high-quality learning experiences, STEM-focused higher education and related careers. The Center’s programs are hands-on, and seek to engage young people in STEM disciplines by emphasizing the ways in which the fundamentals of science, technology and engineering are applied to solve real-world problems and to discover new knowledge through research. We are seeking students with diverse STEM and education backgrounds, including engineering disciplines, computer science, biology, chemistry and the like.

Explore Open Positions on Handshake

Handshake is the Wasserman Center's online database that gives students direct access to search for full-time, part-time, and internship positions. Through Handshake students can also access additional web-based job search and career exploration tools. Learn more about Handshake.