Julian Togelius

Associate Professor

Julian Togelius

I work on artificial intelligence and games. I research and develop methods for making games more fun, easier to design and develop, more adaptive, or just to enable games and interactive experiences that we cannot yet create. I'm interested in all kinds of games that people actually play: video games, board games, card games or mind games. When it comes to AI techniques I'm flexible and willing to engage with all kinds of methods, but my methodological roots are in evolutionary computation and neural networks. Some keywords that describe what I do are game AI, player modelling, procedural content generation, automatic game design, believable bot behaviour, coevolution, neuroevolution, genetic programming and monte carlo tree search.

University of Essex2007

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science

University of Sussex2003

Master of Science, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems

Lund University2002

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

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