2022 Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit

Free Food,
Institute Event
Open to the Public

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Research Expo is an annual public event that features exhibits that illustrate the scope of engineering and the applied sciences — and their potential for improving the world. This year’s Exhibit will celebrate the incredible academic contributions of our community and the ways in which they connect to Tandon’s seven areas of research excellence. The most exciting work being done in labs and prototyping facilities comes alive for spectators of all ages!

Stop by the Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit to view and experience incredible projects, and also enjoy free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, popcorn, and Tandon t-shirt giveaways!

The Exhibit is free and open to the public. In the event of inclement weather, the Exhibit will be moved inside the Brooklyn Athletic Facility Gym. Due to NYU's current COVID-19 guidelines regarding indoor visitors, if the Exhibit is moved indoors, it will only be open to the NYU community.

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1:00 pm - Welcome Remarks from President Andrew Hamilton and Dean Jelena Kovačević

1:15 pm - Exhibits Open

3:30 pm - Exhibit Winners announced

4:00 pm - Research Exhibit concludes


2022 Exhibit Winners

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Category

  • First Place - “Smart, Wearable Human-Machine Interface: From Muscle Vibration towards Gesture Prediction” exhibited by Jay Patel, Natalie Fang, Gabrielle Naquila, and Tazwar Belal.
  • Second Place - “Flutec: An Influenza Diagnostic Test” exhibited by Neelam Pandya, Katarina Nowack, Mira Jagtiani, and Nicole Fraynd.
  • Third Place - “SoundCells: Making Music Technology Accessible” exhibited by Fabiha Ahmed, Michael Gardell, Michael Zachary, and Isabel Huey.


General Exhibits Category

  • First Place - “Walking Robot: Balance Stability & Power Consumption” exhibited by Joo H. Kim, William Peng, Hyunjong Song, Stacy Ashlyn, and Vishal Oza.
  • Second Place - “Plasma Electrolysis towards Decarbonization” exhibited by Casey Bloomquist, Miguel Modestino, and Eray Aydil.
  • Third Place - “FloodNet: Realtime Urban Flood Sensing” exhibited by Charlie Mydlarz, Praneeth Challagonda, and Polly Pierone.


Watch highlights from the 2022 Research Expo


2022 Exhibits 

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)

  • AI for Scientific Research
  • Robotic Design Team
  • Robomaster Team
  • Daimler Trucks Driveline Innovation
  • SoundCells: Making Music Technology Accessible
  • Smart, Wearable Human-Machine Interface: From Muscle Vibration towards Gesture Prediction
  • Flutec: An Influenza Diagnostic Test
  • Sixth Sense
  • VIP M Biodevices: 3D Printed Wheelchair Arm Support System
  • Urban Food Lab

Data Science/AI/Robotics

  • Walking Robot: Balance Stability & Power Consumption
  • Agile Robotics and Perception Laboratory
  • AI-Driven Interactive Safe Autonomous Driving
  • Hardware Design and Accurate Simulation of Structured-Light Scanning for Benchmarking of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms
  • Auctus: A Dataset Search Engine for Data Discovery and Augmentation
  • AlphaD3M: An AutoML System for Multiple Machine Learning Tasks


  • Assistive technologies and virtual reality for the navigation of complex urban environments
  • FloodNet: Realtime urban flood sensing
  • Safe Bike Equity: Can Cycling Become the Great Equalizer?
  • City Images for Accessibility and Beyond

Data Science/AI/Robotics & Urban (C2Smart Transportation Research Center)

  • Leveraging Digital Twins and Robots: Façade and Envelope Inspections for Buildings
  • Large Scale Mobile 3D Printing
  • Urban ad-hoc roadway construction zones: Human worker behavior evaluation towards safety notifications


  • CrEST from the Center for K12 STEM Education


  • Plasma Electrolysis towards Decarbonization
  • Protein Engineered Water-Responsive Actuators
  • Microfluidic crystallizations towards a sustainable future
  • Infrared Imaging using Non Toxic Mercury- and Lead- Free Materials

Emerging Media

  • Virtual Science Modules & Lab Lessons


  • Freight Transportation and Routing App for New York City


  • Supply Chain Security Risk Analysis and Mitigation in IT/OT and IoT Systems
  • Exposing encrypted wireless data transfer in wearable IoT devices


  • Range of Motion Assessment using Inertial Sensors and Digital Voice Assistants
  • Aeragen, Inc.
  • How to draw a nanoscale scale Mona Lisa and why it helps us in Bioengineering
  • Citizen science-based telerehabilitation platform