NYU Technology Venture Competition Kick-off

For NYU Community

The NYU Technology Venture Competition is Part of NYU Stern's Entrepreneurs Challenge

NYU-Poly Students, Researchers, and Faculty

The NYU Technology Venture Competition is your chance to turn technology based on NYU-Poly or NYU research into a business. You’ll participate from September to April in workshops, boot camps, and other activities that will help you develop your business plan and pitch your idea to investors. (See important dates and deadlines.)

About the NYU Technology Venture Competition

Sponsored by NYU Stern's Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and NYU Innovation Venture Fund, the competition awards a total of $50,000 in cash prizes, plus pro bono services and technical assistance to the winners.

In addition, all entrants will:

  • Explore strategies for protecting intellectual property rights
  • Learn how to evaluate a concept’s feasibility and bringing promising new technologies to market
  • Develop critical skills such as evaluating opportunities, researching the market, estimating costs, leading a team and pitching investors
  • Receive individualized coaching, mentoring and feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, executives and seasoned investors


All current NYU students, faculty, or researchers, including those from NYU-Poly, are welcome to compete. At least one current NYU student, faculty, or researcher must be an integral member of the venture's founding management team. No prior business courses or experience is necessary. NYU-Poly teams are welcome to compete with or without having students, faculty, or researchers from another NYU school on their team.

Individuals may enter the competition alone (not recommended) or as a group (strongly encouraged). If you don’t have a team, we’ll try to help you find those with the interests, talent and skills you seek.

Who Should Enter

  • Individuals with promising discoveries or inventions developed while working or studying at NYU and who would like to turn those innovations into a viable business
  • Individuals interested in translating pre-existing NYU technologies into commercial products

Information on selected pre-existing NYU technologies can be obtained through the NYU Office of Industrial Liaison.

About the NYU Innovation Venture Fund

The NYU Innovation Venture Fund was created to accelerate the transformation of ideas and discoveries by its students, faculty, and researchers into viable ventures. The Fund focuses on commercializing select technologies developed at NYU and to provide “seed” funding for startup companies based on those technologies.

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