NYU Stern New Venture and Social Venture Competition Kick-offs

For NYU Community

The NYU Stern New Venture and Social Venture Competitions are Part of NYU Stern’s Entrepreneurs Challenge

Discover what it really takes to launch a startup.

Economic meltdown? Jobless recovery? Now may be the perfect time to finally get that idea you’ve been kicking around off the ground.

NYU Stern 12th Annual New Venture Competition

The NYU Stern New Venture Competition is the premier platform for identifying, nurturing, and showcasing entrepreneurial talent at NYU.

The competition challenges aspiring business owners and those excited by the new venture startup process to take their ideas from concept to market. It also helps unite the innovations developed throughout NYU schools with the business acumen of the Stern community.

Winners of the NYU New Venture Competition receive the $75,000 Rennert Prize named after the program’s benefactor, Ira Leon Rennert, a Stern alumnus and successful entrepreneur.

NYU Stern 8th Annual Social Venture Competition

The NYU Stern Social Venture Competition was started to recognize and support the growing number of students and alumni interested in using their business and entrepreneurial skills to create innovative approaches to tackling social problems, here and abroad.

Winners of the Social Venture Competition receive the $100,000 Satter Family Prize named after Stern alumnus Stewart Satter, a successful entrepreneur whose donations support the program.

Who’s Eligible

NYU-Poly students who want to compete in the New Venture or the Social Venture Competitions must have an NYU Stern student or alumnus on their team. Learn more about eligibility.

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