Conversations at the Forefront of Cyber security with NYU CCS | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Conversations at the Forefront of Cyber security with NYU CCS

Thought Leaders


Join us for a series of thought leadership sessions with the faculty of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Center for Cybersecurity (CCS). You will gain deep insights into current and future technology and policy-oriented topics related to cybersecurity and privacy.

Moderated by Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, Distinguished Research Professor at CCS, each of the thirty-minute discussion sessions will delve deeply into an important and relevant aspect of the research and innovation projects currently being investigated at NYU.

Designed for practitioners, but likely of interest to developers, managers, researchers, and academics, the live, on-line discussions will start on June 4th, and will run weekly for eight consecutive weeks.

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Summer 2020 Sessions

Session 1: 
Low Power, High Security: 

Cybersecurity, Hardware Design, and Machine Learning

Dr. Siddarth Garg

Learn from a world-leading expert how cybersecurity influences hardware design with focus and emphasis on low power design and support for machine learning.

Thursday, June 4
2:30-3:00PM EST

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Session 2: 
How Secure?

Measurement of Security and Privacy

Dr. Damon McCoy

Learn about on-going advances in the empirical measurement of security and privacy of technology systems and their intersections with modern societal concerns.

Thursday, June 11
2:30-3:00PM EST

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Session 3: 
Building Systems Resilient to Nation-State Actors

Advances in Software Security

Dr. Justin Cappos

Learn key issues in security such as building compromise resilient systems, key management, and operational security, with a focus on production systems that need a strong resilience to attack.

Thursday, June 18
2:30-3:00PM EST

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Randall Milch

Session 4: 
Beyond the Arm of the Law?

Training Lawyers in Cyber Security

Mr. Randy Milch, Esq.

One of the leading experts in security aspects of corporate law provides an overview of the key issues practitioners and policy-makers must understand.

Thursday, June 25
2:30-3:00PM EST

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Session 5: 
Games, Deception, and Cyber Security:

Game Theory in Cybersecurity

Dr. Quanyan Zhu

An expert in the field of game theory shares insights into the topics of cyber deception, autonomous defense, and cyber-physical system security.

Thursday, July 2
2:30-3:00PM EST

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Joel Caminer

Session 6: 
Too Big to Fail:

Cybersecurity Issues in Financial Services

Mr. Joel Caminer

Develop insights into the threat and protection issues that are emerging in global modern financial services.

Thursday, July 9
2:30-3:00PM EST

Session 7: 
Hacking Reality:

Technology for Detecting Deep Fakes

Dr. Nasir Memon

Dr. Memon will talk about the new threats that Deep Fakes bring to the cybersecurity landscape and the technology needed to identify and alleviate them.

Thursday, July 16
2:30-3:00PM EST

Robert Schapire

Session 8: 
Trust But Verify:

Trustworthy Intelligent Systems

Dr. Rachel Greenstadt

Learn about current research in the design of trustworthy intelligent systems that act autonomously and with the integrity necessary to be trusted with important data and decisions.

Thursday, July 23
3:00-3:30PM EST