Azzurra Pedrotti

  • Building and Civil Engineer

Azzurra Pedrotti

Polytechnic Alumni Association - International Board of Directors

Azzurra Pedrotti was introduced to STV at a networking event in 2016 and was hired by the firm’s  Construction Management (CM) Division as a project officer later that year. In 2019, upon a client’s  endorsement and request, she was promoted to be the first healthcare procurement manager within the firm’s CM Division.  

She has particular expertise in the procurement & coordination of engineered medical equipment. Her  duties include budget & schedule monitoring, design coordination, strategic purchasing, and client  relations for the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the New York City  Health and Hospitals Corporation (H+H). She currently manages the procurement of $70.5M in medical  equipment, IT systems, and furniture for the outfitting of the new RBG tower at Coney Island Hospital: a  resilient, 10-story, acute-care hospital building and part of a $1.7 billion FEMA-funded capital construction  program to repair and upgrade four hospitals damaged during Superstorm Sandy.  

Ms. Pedrotti holds Bachelor & Master of Science degrees in Building Engineering from La Sapienza  University of Rome, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, and a second Master’s degree in Civil  Engineering, with a minor in Construction Management, from New York University (4.0 GPA, Class  of 2017).  

Azzurra is a driven and passionate professional, committed to every project she leads. She is extremely  detail oriented and her problem-solving approach, along with her soft skills, have launched her career in the right direction, as she is currently delivering one of the largest Capital Healthcare projects in New York.  

Her deep understanding of the Healthcare industry, combined with her technical engineering skills,  makes her an eclectic and resourceful professional. Azzurra has never failed to meet her client's needs: she is a good listener and a great communicator, and with her rational and analytical approach, she  is able to organize and guide her resources to nail every request, deliverable, and crisis.  

Azzurra is fully capable of hiring and training talents; retaining her employees while keeping them motivated and engaged over time; and managing time, budgets, changes, and project partners.  

Ms. Pedrotti is the ideal builder and leader, always eager to learn, motivated to do better by seeking new  opportunities, and committed to delivering high-quality projects for the greater good of the community and her company.