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International experiences for prehealth students

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Alternative Breaks

Health professional schools expect that students will have community engagement prior to matriculation. While they expect community service to be done in the United States, participation in a global experience will both enhance your experience and your application.


Tandon Alternative Breaks

The Tandon Prehealth Committee organizes an annual alternative break for prehealth students to participate in service learning and community engagement activities abroad. This will allow for students to get to work and intern in healthcare centers and clinics, assist staff in day-to-day work under professional guidance, work closely with social workers, and counselors, work with healthcare/premedical students/professionals from across the globe and much more!

Summer 2024 in Sri Lanka!

Dates: August 10-23, 2024
Costs: ~$3000 Total
~$1500 Flight (depending upon where you're flying from; paid on your own)
$1420 Program Fee ($229 deposit due in January 2024 and final balance due May 2024) - inclusive of the following:

  • All projects and activities
  • Accommodation in shared rooms for the students (private for group leaders)
  • Group airport transfer (both ways) in private coach/bus
  • Orientation and training on arrival
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
  • Weekend safari excursion
  • Local transportation to all projects and activities
  • Dedicated Group Coordinator (senior staff member) supported by multiple staff members on all projects and activities
  • 24/7 local emergency support
  • All Tours and activities listed above
  • Medical Insurance

Students will be assigned to various wards/units in the hospital for the 1st week based on their background and preferences as well as availability of spots. For the one week students spend at the hospital it will be largely observation-based as the hospital program is well suited for those who want to become future doctors. The areas in the hospital include:

  • ETC
  • General Surgical Unit
  • Physiotherapy
  • Paediatrics
  • Paediatric Cardiology
  • Observation of special surgeries

During the second week, students will participate in a community experience where we can combine a couple of community outreaches, maybe add a day or two with certain groups (elderly, children, etc) and also include 1 day of introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine.

Check out more information here.

Note: this trip will partner with the Tandon GLASS program in which Tandon GLASS Honors students will join to participate in other service projects in Sri Lanka.

Eligibility: must be an NYU student or alumni 18 years or older with a valid passport

Application Information

Application extended to January 3, 2024 at 11:59PM EST.

Step 1: Login to your prehealth account with your N Number. If you try to login and you cannot, you must first fill out an interest form:

DO NOT fill out the interest form if you have previously filled one out! Email tandonprehealth@nyu.edu if you're not sure if you have an account or forgot your password.

Step 2: Update your Prehealth Profile. Navigate to the person icon on the top right after you login and make sure the information is up to date.

Step 3: Complete the additional fields in the Alternative Break application form.


Other International Community Engagement Opportunities

Study Away

On average, health professional schools do not accept prehealth prerequisite courses completed abroad. That being said, it is still possible for prehealth students to study abroad during their years at Tandon, especially because we offer U.S. prehealth coursework at different NYU sites. With good planning and flexibility, we encourage students to take advantage of the tailored opportunities we’ve coordinated specifically for prehealth students.


New and exclusive SP23

Program Information

  • When: Spring 2023
  • Who: Tandon CBE, BMS, and Prehealth students
  • Highlights:
    • New exclusive abroad pathway for Tandon sophomores during spring 2023
    • Stay on track with your degree as a CBE/BMS major or prehealth student (courses listed below)
    • Metropolitan, beach side, foodie culture
    • Unique opportunity to complete one course at Tel Aviv University (TAU) from the B.A. Liberal Arts Program (ex. psych elective) for more immersive experience
  • Important notes:
    • Organic Chemistry 2 not offered at NYU London (current abroad prehealth pathway) during SP23
    • Language requirement fulfilled by Languages of Israel cultural linguistics class, Arabic, or Hebrew
    • TAU runs on a different academic calendar than NYU, and enrollment into courses is completed after arrival at NYUTA
    • Minimum enrollment of 12 credits at NYU Tel Aviv (regardless of TAU enrollment)


Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) 13-18 credits

  • CHEM-UA 9226 Organic Chemistry 2 (5 credits)*
  • CM-UY 2614G Physical Chemistry (4 credits)
  • Required Language (4 credits)
  • 1-2 of the listed electives

Note: CBE Students should plan to complete Calculus III over summer 2023 or fall 2023 and programming during fall 2023, if not already completed

Biomolecular Science (BMS) 13-18 credits

  • CHEM-UA 9226 Organic Chemistry 2 (5 credits)*
  • CM-UY 2614G Physical Chemistry (4 credits)
  • Required Language (4 credits)
  • 1-2 of the listed electives

Prehealth (any major) 12-18 credits

  • CHEM-UA 9226 Organic Chemistry 2 (5 credits)*
  • Required Language (4 credits)
  • 1-3 of the listed electives
  • Option to take CM-UY 2614G Physical Chemistry (4 credits) as an elective (unless majoring in BMS/CBE since this course is required)

Listed Electives

  • MGMT-UB 9087 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel (3 credits)
  • NODEP-UA 9982 or INDIV-UG 9550 Experiential Learning Seminar (4 credits)
  • BIOL-UA 9980 Biology Internship (Research Credit) (2-4 credits)
  • CHEM-UA 9997 Advanced Independent Study and Research (2-4 credits)
  • Humanities/Social Sciences (4 credits)
    • (ex.) UGPH-GU 9030 Epidemiology for Global Health

*The CBE department will be made aware of all Tandon students enrolled in Organic Chemistry 1 who apply for NYUTA so they can be better prepared for the transition between orgo courses.

View Additional Courses Download the Flyer

About NYU Tel Aviv

A multidimensional Mediterranean city, Tel Aviv is the cultural, financial, and technological center of Israel. When you study abroad at NYU Tel Aviv, you will gain a sophisticated understanding of Israel and the Middle East. It is an ideal place to study not only politics and the Middle East but also emerging media and the sciences. Additionally, through the academic internship program, students have the opportunity to intern for course credit in many industries. The Biology and Chemistry research courses are great opportunities for sophomore level students to get involved in research early on. These experiences are positive additions to graduate/PhD program and health professional school applications.

Spring MCAT Preparation and Prehealth Seminar: As part of a pre-health-focused spring semester abroad at NYU Abu Dhabi, students from NYU New York can apply to be part of a competitive pre-health cohort that receives professional MCAT preparation funded by NYUAD as well as an introduction to the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi, including visits to healthcare-related organizations. This experience is organized in the form of a 2-credit course. You can find the pre-health courses at NYU Abu Dhabi for Spring '23 here. Deadline to apply is October 14th, 2022. 

Undergraduate Research & Art Apprenticeship Award: NYU in New York students who wish to build their research or creative practice experience during a semester abroad at NYUAD are welcome to apply for competitive assistantship awards. These assistantships create a platform for visiting students to contribute to an ongoing research project under the supervision of an NYUAD faculty member. In addition to having access to state-of-the-art research facilities, students will receive up to $3,000 of support toward their study away from NYUAD.  The research assistantship positions span a number of disciplines within Science, and Social Sciences. Deadline to apply is October 14th, 2022. 

Spring semester

Tandon Prehealth students can complete a combination of the courses below totaling 12-18 credits while abroad in London during a Spring term.

Course Title

Course Name



PH-UY 2033G

Waves, Optics, & Thermodynamics


The same as the Tandon course offered in NY.

PH-UY 2031G

General Physics Laboratory 1


PHYS-UA 9012

General Physics II (lab, lecture, recitation)


BTM, CS, IDM, STS, SUE students can complete Physics 2 at London only if they complete Physics 1 at CAS. You cannot mix and match physics courses across different NYU schools.


All other majors must complete Tandon physics, also offered at NYU London.

CHEM-UA 9881



Can complete Biochem at London and then Biochem 2 at Tandon.

CHEM-UA 9226

Organic Chemistry 2 (lab, lecture, recitation)


NOT offered during SP23.

UGPH-GU 9020

Biostatistics for Public Health


Counts in place of BMS-UY 3513 Biostatistics at Tandon.

MA-UY 2034G

Linear Algebra & Differential Equations


The same as the Tandon course offered in NY.


Introduction to Psychology


Helpful for Social/Psych section of the MCAT.


Counts as a HUSS elective credit.


Social Psychology


BIOL-UA 9012

Biology II


Non-CBE/BMS students can complete Bio 2 at London only if they complete Bio 1 at CAS. You cannot mix and match bio courses across different NYU schools.


CBE/BMS students must complete their introductory bio sequence at Tandon.

BIOL-UA 9123

Principles of Biology Lab



Courses completed at NYU locations are offered by New York University. Since all the grades earned at these sites appear in line on your regular NYU transcript, they are acceptable to all health professional schools in this country. Study away through NYU is also explained on the cover page of each Tandon students’ committee letter. You can complete your prehealth requirements at sites such as NYU London, NYU Tel Aviv, NYU Shanghai, and NYU Abu Dhabi.

We strongly encourage students to make full use of NYU's global network to study in another country while studying at the undergraduate level. You could plan to spend either a summer, a semester, or a full year abroad. If you plan to spend a full year overseas, you must bear in mind that you will need to complete all your prehealth courses in a U.S. college in time for your health professional exam.

We strongly recommend that you complete 300 clinical hours in residence in the U.S. Aside from that, any additional hours you spend in clinical settings abroad will enhance your application further. It will also give you a wider perspective of what medicine looks like and how other places differ from that of the U.S. It can give you some exciting stories to talk about in your personal statement, short essays, or your interviews. For example, if you mention being interested in global health or global perspectives of medicine, you will have the experience to back up that statement.

Aside from the other opportunities above, you can think about getting a master’s degree abroad, participating in an internship or work experience, complete elective courses (no prehealth prerequisites) at another university over the summer or during a j-term, perform other community work, and spend time studying for your health professional exams. There are so many opportunities and experiences available that can benefit your application.