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Services and Subjects

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PTC Hours of Operation

Our general office hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm during the fall and spring semesters.  However, for specific course schedules please call us or come by the PTC for information.  Please keep in mind that schedules may vary according to tutor availability.


Drop-in tutoring means that you may come in without an appointment, at any time during the scheduled PTC hours. Tutors are available to answer questions or get you started on a homework problem. Tutors can go over material you are not clear on, either from class or from the textbook. They can also show you a variety of problem solving methods. You may attend drop-in tutoring as often as you'd like.

We offer tutoring for: PH1013 (Mechanics), PH2023 (Electricity, Magnetism and Fluids) and PH2033 (Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics), as well as PH1213 (Motion and Sound) and PH1223 (Electricity & Light).


We offer tutoring for CM1004 (General Chemistry for Engineering) and CM1014 (General Chemistry 1) and CM1024 (General Chemistry 2), as well as CM2213 (Organic Chemistry 1) and CM2223 (Organic Chemistry 2).  We are also pleased to offer CBE3313 (Transport I) and CBE3323 (Transport II).

Computer Science

We offer tutoring for CS 1113 (Python), CS1114 (Python), CS1134 (Data Structures & Algorithms using Python), CS2124 (Object Oriented Programing, C++) and CS 1133 (MATLAB). We are also pleased to offer ECE2004 (Fundamentals of Electric Circuits).


Tutoring is now offered for BMS1004 and BMS 2004


We offer tutoring for ME 2213 (Statics), ME 3223 (Dynamics), and ME 3333 (Thermodynamics).

Review Sessions for Midterm and Final Exams

PTC Review Sessions will help you prepare for your exams, and are very popular with students. Review sessions are held for courses including: CS1114, CS1134, PH1013, PH2023, PH2033, CM1004, CM1014 and CM1024. In a review session, you will practice solving problems on a “mock exam.” The tutor will then explain the problems and answer any questions you have about the material. Space is limited, so come to the PTC to sign up in advance for the review session you want. More Information