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Computer Engineering Bridge Program

A pathway for individuals without a STEM background to a graduate degree in computer engineering and a career in an in-demand field.

In our constantly evolving society, we expect our computers of all shapes and sizes to meet more complex needs every day. Computer engineers have a leading role in developing the models that drive this advancing technology, placing them at the forefront of innovation. Experts in computer engineering have the opportunity to focus on a broad range of disciplines, including information technology, computer design and engineering, operating systems and networks, computer architecture, and software applications, among others.

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Pathway to a Master’s in Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Bridge Program is your pathway to pursuing a Computer Engineering Master's Degree at NYU Tandon and a career in this dynamic professional field. The M.S. in Computer Engineering at NYU Tandon is an on-campus, two-year, 30-credit program. Students gain practical experience and a theoretical understanding of telecommunications, networks, and microelectronics industries. By teaching the principles underlying the design and integration of computer components and systems, we ensure students have a base from which to launch critical improvements in the field.

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Accepting Summer 2020 Applications NOW!

It isn't too late to fulfill your 2019 New Year's Resolution to upskill to STEM and make a difference.

Bridge Program Details

Students must have a four-year bachelor's degree to apply to the Bridge program. Basic proficiency in college algebra and some exposure to programming is recommended for success in the course. Learning a simple programming language like Python prior to starting will help you become familiar with the notion of programming.

Certificates are issued to individuals who receive a grade of C or better. Students who receive a B+ or higher will receive a certificate with Distinction and will be eligible for admittance and receive a GRE waiver for any of the qualifying NYU Tandon master’s degrees, including Computer Engineering. Applicants will need to meet all other Graduate School of Engineering admission requirements.

Bridge Program Topics

  • Fundamentals of system hardware
  • Number Systems
  • Compilation and Execution process
  • Data types and Expressions
  • Iterative Statements
  • Propositional logic
  • Predicate logic
  • Proving techniques: Rules of inference, Proof by contradiction, Induction
  • Sets basics
  • Intro to algorithm analysis and Order of growth
  • Functions, Abstraction and Runtime stack
  • Pointers and Dynamic allocation
  • Recursion
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • File Processing
  • Linked Lists
  • Data Structures
  • Trees and Binary Search trees
  • Computer Organization
  • Assembly language basics
  • Intro to OS Concepts
  • Processes & Threads
  • Thread concurrency and deadlocks
  • Memory Management

Upcoming Deadlines

Last updated on: 1/16/19.
Please check back for future deadline updates.

Semester Course Duration Course Start Date Defer/Withdraw Deadline Date Course End Date Next Master’s Degree Start Semester
Winter 2020 17-Week January, 6, 2020 February 3, 2020 May 1, 2020 Online:
Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Winter 2020 24-Week January 6, 2020 February 3, 2020 June 19, 2020 Online & On-Campus:
Fall 2020
Spring 2020 24-Week March 30, 2020 April 27, 2020 September 11, 2020 Online & On-Campus:
Spring 2021
Summer 2020 17-Week July 6, 2020 August 3, 2020 October 30, 2020 Online & On-Campus:
Spring 2021
Summer 2020 24-Week July 6, 2020 August 3, 2020 December 18, 2020 Online & On-Campus:
Spring 2021

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